Paul Gilroy / Lawrence Grossberg / Chantal Mouffe u.a. The Contemporary Study of Culture

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Inhalt / Contents

Introduction / Einführung
Lutz Musner, Gotthart Wunberg: Kulturstudien heute. Eine Gebrauchsanleitung
Christina Lutter: Zur Einrichtung eines Forschungsschwerpunktes Kulturwissenschaften/Cultural Studies
Power & Theory
Lawrence Grossberg: Globalization and the »Economization« of Cultural Studies
Chantal Mouffe: Hegemony, Power and the Political Dimension of Culture
Paul Gilroy: On the Necessity and the Impossibility of Being a Black European
Beatrice Hanssen: The Violence of Language

Memory & History
Aleida Assmann: Cultural Studies and Historical Memorie
David Frisby: Culture, Memory and Metropolitan Modernity
Dan Diner: From History to Memory – and Back
Anson Rabinbach: Apocalypse Postponed: Cultural History Confronts Catastrophe Fifty Years Later

Culture & Text
Martin Fuchs: Textualising Culture: Hermeneutics of Distanciation
Renate Schlesier: Kultur-Interpretation. Gebrauch und Mißbrauch der Hermeneutik heute

Art & Cultural Analysis
Mieke Bal: Art, Language, Thought, and Culture: Cultural Analysis Today
Ernst van Alphen: Interdisciplinary Cultural Analysis Today: Thinking about Art in History

Globalization & Community
Ulf Hannerz: Views of Culture in Globalization Studies
Wolfgang Welsch: Transculturality – The Changing Form of Cultures Today
Daniel A. Segal: Ethnographic Examples, Ethnographic Classics: Some Thoughts on the New Cultural Studies and an Old Queer Science
James Donald: Noisy Neighbours: On Urban Ethics
David Morley: Bounded Realms: Household, Family, Community and Nation
Rolf Lindner: The Imaginary of the City

Reihe: Cultural Studies
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