Christina Lammer
Die Puppe
Eine Anatomie des Blicks

»The rise of the practices of body art is a clear signal that we are in the middle of an important shift in how we experience our bodies: the modern era of the subject who directly owns his naked natural body is over. Far from signalling a return to ›primitive‹ rites, these practices points towards an enigmatic deadlock whose central feature is the contrast between, on the one hand, the rise of ›artificial‹ and / or virtual corporeality of dolls and cyberspace creations, and, on the other hand, its apparent opposite, the need to pierce and wound our ›real‹ body, up to very violent and bloody (self)mutilations, as if the cut into a live flesh is the only way to convince us of its reality. Deconstructing the simple opposition between the authentic living body and the Puppe, Christina Lammer’s book provides a unique insight into these obscure processes, uniting conceptual stringency of the highest order with extreme readability – one is almost tempted to designate the book with the usual bestseller predicates like ›Breathtaking! Unputdownable!‹ ... Let us hope that this achievement will not be lost in the crowd of apparently similar fashionable ›postmodern‹ serial products!«
Slavoj Zizek

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ISBN 978-3-85132-205-7
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Erstauflage: 1999
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