Monstrosity in Literature, Psychoanalysis, and Philosophy

Edited by Gerhard Unterthurner and Erik M. Vogt

Cover This wide-ranging volume focuses attention on monsters and the monstrous as they emerge at the intersection of literature, psychoanalysis (with film), and philosophy. Here it is not so much a question of those real, bodily ­monsters of former centuries that have since lost their power to terrify and migrated into aesthetics on account of the 19th century’s increasing scientification and naturalization. This collection of essays is concerned, instead, with the broader category of the monstrous (as well as its cognates, like the uncanny) and attends to the ways in which monstrosity figures as a subversive category at the same time as it is transformed into the other of whatever the prevailing sociopolitical order deems proper and normal.

This Austrian-American co-production initially arose out of a 2010 ISSEI workshop held in Ankara, Turkey. Contributors: Ryan Crawford, Benjamin M. Schacht, David Calder, Joela Zeller, Andrea Wald, Todd Kesselman, Erik M. Vogt, James R. Watson, James Murphy, Gerhard Unterthurner.

Gerhard Unterthurner: freier Wissenschaftler, Lektor und Lehrbeauftragter am Institut für Philosophie der Universität Wien.
Erik M. Vogt, geboren in Oberösterreich, ist Gwendolyn Miles Smith Professor für Philosophie am Department of Philosophy des Trinity College in Hartford, USA. Er ist an der Universität Wien habilitiert und unterrichtete u. a. an der Loyola University in New Orleans ebenso wie am Wadham College in Oxford (England) und an der Universität Wien.
Autor u.a. von Zugänge zur politischen Ästhetik (Turia + Kant), Sartres Wieder-Holung (Passagen Verlag); (Co-)Herausgeber von Was heißt Kontinentalphilosophie?; Derrida und die Politiken der Freundschaft; Über Zizek; Über Sartre; Derrida und Adorno; Monstrosity in Literature, Psychoanalysis, and Philosophy sowie Jean-Paul Sartre und Frantz Fanon (alle bei Turia + Kant).
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